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If you’re arrested and charged with driving under the influence, there can be serious consequences. Joyner Law will help you build a DUI defense.

A conviction for DUI could lead to probation, mandated classes or possible jail time. Attorney John Joyner will walk you through each step of your case. He’ll look at your arrest record and let you know what to expect during the proceeding.

Get advice about how to proceed by contacting a DUI attorney today.

We Take Cases Involving:


  • Marijuana DUI

  • Vehicular assault

  • Vehicular homicide

  • DMV hearings

Walk us through the details of your arrest.


When you call a DUI attorney, we’ll discuss the circumstances of your arrest give you a quote for our DUI defense services. We’ll ask about:

  • What happened during your arrest

  • How you were treated and tested

  • Your blood alcohol level as tested

We understand no two cases are the same, and we’ll pay attention to the details during each step of the legal process.

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